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OK, so what sorts of things do we actually do?

Drip Emails

Setting up a drip email strategy is the core of any early B2B sales strategy.

CRM Configuration

Having a good CRM is critical for growth. We can help with all aspects of selecting and configuring.

Lead Generation

Figuring out where your best leads come from, and automating the collection, is one of the most important things you can do.


We believe in automating as much as possible. This is done with a Variety of tools. But the core usually involves heavy use of Zapier. 

Paid Media

Need help optimizing your ad budgets? We have you covered.

Social Media Management

We can help you craft a strategy or manage everything including content creation

Who Runs This Thing?

CEO and Principal

Evan Lodge

Evan works with startups of all stages to help create their outbound marketing and early sales infrastructure. He focuses on lead generation and implementation of tooling that gets a company’s pitch in front of decision-makers at scale. In addition to sales and marketing help, Evan frequently advises startups on Product Management and optimizing their customer feedback loop.

His experience comes from being a Co-Founder of HigherMe (YC / Barbara Corcoran). He built and scaled outbound marketing to a notoriously hard to reach SMB and Restaurant market by focusing on optimizing cold email automation. Evan has both a computer science degree and an MBA.

Fun fact about Evan: He's a glassblower. :)

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